About Me:

I'm a scientist and engineer with 12+ years of experience working in machine learning, data analytics, wireless networks and mobile communications. I hold a Doctorate (PhD) in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from The University of Oklahoma (OU). My skill set includes predictive analytics, signal processing, mathematical modeling, data mining, statistical analysis, mobile (LTE, 5G) and wireless (802.11x, 802.15x, 802.19) networks and standards. I'm proficient in a variety of programming languages, and I’m passionate about creating solutions for real-world problems with the aid of data-driven AI and engineering optimization.

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Positions & Experience

  Antuit.ai | Zebra Technologies

      Senior Manager - AI Scientist.
       Oct 2021 – Present
      Data Science Manager
       Apr 2021 – Oct 2021
      Senior Data Scientist
       Apr 2019 – Mar 2021

 University of Oklahoma

     Data Scientist and Python Developer
     Aug 2017 – May 2019
      ❏ Data Analytics for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT):
      • Designed and developed for ODOT the complete set of federal reporting tools and backend processing framework used to compute the State required performance measures employing the NPMRDS. Tools can be found at: https://speed.tulsa.ou.edu/
      • Designed and Developed primary and secondary incident detection and analysis tools.
      • Designed and Developed congestion detection and roadway traffic performance analysis tools.
      • Developed a novel conflation algorithm in Python and GIS used for computing NPMRDSv1 metrics.

      Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)
      Jan 2014 – May 2019
      ❏ Mobile & Wireless Communication:
      • Developed and conducted research on LTE License Assisted Access (LTE-LAA) and its coexistence in the unlicensed band.
      • Developed and conducted research on optimizing mobile network resources and network operational parameters. The work addressed antenna parameter optimization and Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) optimization.
      • Published an IEEE Journal and two conference papers on the research work completed.

      ❏ Wireless Coexistence:
      • Developed a Medical Implant Communication Service (MICS) transceiver emulator using LabView
      • Developed a Deep Learning (DL) method to identify 802.x standard compliant devices operating the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) radio band.
      • Developed a novel analytical model to accurately model the LAA-LBT scheme as specified in TS 36.213 of 3GPP Rel. 13 & 14.
      • Published an IEEE journal and conference paper on the research work completed.

      ❏ Big Data Analytics:
      • Designed, Installed, tested and configured the OU-Tulsa/ODOT Hadoop ecosystem computing platform..
      • Developed Pig, Hive & Spark programs to parse raw data, populate staging tables and store refined results.
      • Performed extensive data mining, analytics and predictive modeling on large travel-time (time-series) datasets.
      • Published two reports and my master’s thesis on the work completed.

      ❏ Intelligent Transportation Systems
      • Conducted and published research on enhancing the accuracy of Automatic Vehicle Counter (AVC) systems used by DOT agencies nationwide.
      • Published an IEEE journal transaction on the research work completed.

      ❏ Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing:
      • Formulated test plans and executed compliance test procedures for radiated and conducted emissions testing, compliance immunity testing and electromagnetic static discharge testing.

  U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)

      Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

       Jun 2018 – Sep 2018
      ❏ Coexistence of LTE License Assisted Access (LTE-LAA):
      • Performed research on coexistence analysis of LTE License Assisted Access (LTE-LAA)
      • Published an IEEE Journal on the research work completed.


      Core Network Engineer
       Sep 2010 – Jan 2014
    • Implemented and maintained routing and database configurations on core nodes (MSC/VLR, MGW, MSS, HLR, STP).
    • Prepared and implemented integration procedures of new nodes including network rollout and expansion.
    • Improved customer experience by troubleshooting and resolving network wide issues.
    • Implemented preventive and corrective actions and coordinated with support for any product related issues.
    • Handled International roaming configuration and performed call and network tracing and troubleshooting to solve any call related issue or complaint.
    • Produced weekly statistical reports and KPI measurements.
    • Implemented and maintained routing configurations on network Juniper and Cisco switches and routers.
    • Coordinated with different departments to ensure network stability and customer satisfaction.
    • Increased the efficiency in addressing escalated customer complaints by serving as a direct engineering resource for technical services.
    • Acted as unit supervisor when needed (delegate).
    • Awarded MTN yellow star best employee, January 2012, 3rd Quarter 2012 and annual award 2012.
    • Commended from MTN Syria CEO for distinguished work and achievement.
    • Memo from CEO


    • Completed a summer internship in the technical division – operations department (NSS & BSS).

For a list of my publications, please click (here)

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